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making property work - that's what we do

Stiles Harold Williams is an independent property advisory business with specialists in many aspects of commercial and residential property. From offices in London and the south east we serve our clients across the UK, striving to provide the right answers to their property needs and making property work for their benefit.


  • ‘Gumming black and white polaroids onto a pre-typed page’
    1986: a commercial property retrospective

  • 24 August 2016
  • David Martin – SHW’s South Coast Head of Region – is celebrating 30 years with the firm having joined us in September 1986. So let’s fire up the Delorean and take a journey back with David to when commercial property was very different in several respects… Above: A copy of Chartered Surveyor Weekly - which ceased publication in 1992 When examining the major contrasts between now and thirty years ago I suppose they fall into three distinct categories technology, culture and how the global economy has had an increasing bearing on the national and local ones. I would like to touch on each of these in turn Today we carry around a mobile office in our pockets, compared to the 1980s when ‘information technology’ very often meant gumming black and white polaroids onto a pre-typed page. When out on building inspections you were reliant on a 100 ft leather tape measure to ascertain floor areas and sizes which could be a lengthy and arduous process when compared with to the laser measurers that we use today. Client relations are also a little less formal – in 2016 we rarely have to write formal letters when an email so often suffices - and although ties are optional now and I must be one of the few people still wearing one, summer, winter, all year round. In 1986 when checking if someone was still turning up for a viewing I used to have to find a telephone box to check their whereabouts – now our Retail team lease them out as mini coffee shops. It would be all too easy to hark back to the old days but in many ways the sector has improved – things go with more of a zing now… for instance you can have an internal photograph of a property on a board these days – a technique I first saw employed in Australia and ‘borrowed’ upon return to the UK. Now you can even have an image of the interior of an industrial unit printed on the loading bay doors – which is great unless someone tries to drive through the loading door by accident! (see below, left).
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  • Planning post-Brexit: A surprising result

  • 23 August 2016
  • Just over two months on from the Referendum reports from Planning Portal suggest the number of planning applications submitted online in July remains in line with previous months, seemingly unaffected by the ramifications of the result on June 23. At the time of the result, there was great uncertainty regarding the future of Britain’s economy and the potential of a slowdown in the housing market, yet the figures highlight may not be the case. The total number of applications submitted last month compared to July 2015 is actually higher than pre-Brexit, at 45,748 compared to 44,478 the year before. Within Brighton and Hove this sense of business as usual reinforced, with 369 applications received in July - just marginally less than this time last year. Furthermore, a number of high profile applications are soon to be submitted within the city, implying that investment into Brighton and Hove is showing no signs of slowing.
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  • Sussex Commercial Management new instructions

  • 23 August 2016
  • SHW Commercial Management are pleased to announce instructions for three prominent sites across Sussex. Queensberry House, Queens Road, Brighton (35,000 sq ft, above left), Lees House, Dyke Rd, also Brighton (43,000 sq ft, above, right) and Cavendish House, Hastings (42,500 sq ft, below, left). Queensberry House is a mixed use development with tenants including Tesco, Subway and the Regus Brighton Business Centre. Lees House has new media companies Net Natives, Makemedia and Semantico among their occupiers and Cavendish House is an office for Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.
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  • SHW’s 100+ mile cycle for cancer

  • 18 August 2016
  • Plucky members of the Stiles Harold Williams team are going to cycle between all seven of their offices – a distance in excess of 110 miles – in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. The ride – devised by the Property Consultant’s PR Officer Peter Styles – will start before dawn on October 1st in Eastbourne and run through Brighton onto Worthing, turn right to Crawley, up and down the Surrey Hills to Epsom then onto Croydon, finishing at the firm’s West End offices in Piccadilly Circus.
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